Wood has since many decades ago, been frequently harvested by men for its exceptional qualities and beauty. But never was it a solution for the longer term, irresponsible harvesting is rampant across the globe, resulting in rapid deforestation at the expense of sacrificing the planet we live in.

It needs to be stopped – an alternative must exists. With natural wood prone to pest attack, water damage, bio-degradation and scarce, what could be the sustainable alternative?

We think the answer lies with Wood Plastic Composite, or in short WPC. One that is made not just to serve as a probable alternative, but also excel in performance while requiring minimal maintenance.

Riverwalk Composite Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Riverwalk Plastic Sdn Bhd brings along its experience in plastic technology to bring to you a different kind of WPC experience. Through our years of continual improvements, research and developments, we are proud to bring to you the RW series product – the finer piece of engineering product that has every detail possibly taken care of.

Ever since its incorporation, the name RW has been synonymous with quality workmanship and product. We take pride in delivering to our customers high quality products and cost effective solutions from design to build, we are all that you will need. And this applies to everyone, whether you’re purchasing our products or utilising our services for commercial or residential purpose. 

In light of our values to be ever-committed to innovating environmentally friendly solutions, we make sure our products do not compromise in quality and beauty. We achieve that through ensuring that our products undergo rigorous testing, selections and trials before they make it to the production floor. As a result, each and every of our aesthetically fine piece of product becomes a testament for our years of hard works, founded upon our simple value of wanting to make everything perfect.

Products that carry the RW name is resistant to the harsh outdoor elements, beautiful and green at the same time. They are engineered to resemble natural timber, offering good mechanical strength, thermal stability and resistances, but less all that hassles you get from natural timber – they will not swell, splinter, crack, inhibits fungal growth, nor rot. On top of it, requiring significantly lesser maintenance: that’s as best as it will ever get.

Now to make things even better, we have brought the wonders to a wider spectrum of products ranging from Tongue and Groove (T&G) ceiling strips, wall cladding, fencing planks, deck boards, edging boards, fascias, skirting, and many more. Get in touch with us now if you think we fit into the description of what you need in mind.

Our promises...

10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Against all manufacturing defects, water damage, pest attack and all eventual defect that may occur after the product is used in compliance to the guideline. 

Advanced PVC manufacturing technology
Products are manufactured using advanced technology and high quality raw materials to ensure the longest possible service life.

Green labelled
Our products comprise of more than 50% recycled material 

Hidden fastener clip system
Products are grooved at both sides to enable the use of hidden clip. What you get from this is a uniformly gap-ed deck throughout and no more exposed screw heads.

UV resistant
Products are UV-resistant. They do not degrade in the exposure of sunlight. 

Reinvent composite.